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The farm is very close to the wonderful medieval village of  Anversa degli Abruzzi.

Castrovalva  M.C. Escher
Also the near villages of Castrovalva (5 km), Villalago (9 km) and Scanno (16 km) with its characteristic lakes, all reachable through the beautiful “Sagittarius Gorges” Wwf Reserve, offer very suggestive sceneries which inspired artworks by authors like D’Annunzio ed Escher too.






The Farm is 1,2 km far from the “Sagittarius Gorges” reserve where it's  possible to take free excursions.


It's also possible to take free or guided trips, by bike or horse, to the mountain environment overlooking the farm and rich of forests, grounds and crests.

40km from the farm are also two of the most important national parks in the region:

the Majella Park and the National Park of Abruzzo.
A shuttle service with company car, for 6 people, is available prior reservation.
In the parks there's the possibility to take trips, better guided in this case, on the highest crests of all the Italian middle and southern mountain range of Apennines and also to take visit to the herds during their summer stay on the higher grounds, after the    “Transumanza”.


Six apartments(for a total of 30 beds) comfortably furnished and equipped to a high standard are available in the farm in a new built rural cottage. 
A restaurant room is also available where it's possible to taste our own products. 

Further rooms are at the disposal in the village of Anversa degli Abruzzi (800 m).
following  the “diffuse hotel” formula.


Depending on the period of the stay many different activities are possible at the farm, necessarily scanned by the biological rhythms and cycles of nature.
The organic farm is primarily involved in sheep and  goat breeding and on cheese production
Every day it's possible to accompany shepherds and herds on their way to the grounds
through the wonderful environment surrounding the farm and to attend milking, feeding,
shearing  and even new births.

In the dairy it's possible to participate in the cheese making of ricotta and of all our
products, typical specialties of our territory, appreciated all over the world, so learning
the basics of the ancient art of cheese making.

In the gardens are cultivated seasonal vegetables in respect of organic principles and there are many fruit trees so often it's possible to attend the harvesting phaseand the production of marmalades, fruit compotes, in oils, olive oil, typical liquors.

In our kitchen you can work with our chef on the recipes of our tradition learning about fresh pasta, different ways to cook lamb and sheep and the use of spontaneous species from our mountains and grounds.


The farm is involved in a valorisation program of traditional nomadic sheep farming through the creation of a network of little farmers persuaded to preserve the ancient communication tracks(tratturi) of the “Transumanza” which allowed Abruzzo to become today the italian region with the biggest area protected by parks.
Other projects we have been or are involved in are:  the creation of registered trademarks to protect our local and traditional products derived  from fresh milk processing, the promotion of the ethical value of  traditional sheep farming for its contribution to the environment protection and biodiversity(European project Pastomed), the safeguard of big carnivores with the introduction of dog race “mastino abruzzese” to defend herds(White Weapon).

40% of the farm's electrical needs  is covered with a solar photovoltaic system and a new one is going to be developed to make it fully self-sufficient.

The dung produced by animals is partially reused in the farm and a compost treatment
installation will soon collect all organic trash produced in the farm.

For any further detail or info please contact:

Nunzio Marcelli
Elettra Rinaldi
Massimo Gelsumini



  • The sense of sight to enjoy views and landscapes light years away from the concrete and stress of modern life;

  • The sense of hearing to rediscover that also nature has its "sounds": water, the wind, the bleating of the lamb, silence;

  • The sense of smell that brings you close to the fruits of the earth: to moss, mushrooms, truffle, and aromatic herbs that are so abundant in the pastures around us and whose fragrance is transferred directly into the products we transform;

  • The sense of touch to feel the soft woolly sensation of whole fleece, of clear, limpid, water that gushes out of high-altitude springs, of spontaneous fruit in season that you pick around you;

  • The sense of taste that gives you the jealously preserved tastes of old Abruzzo gastronomy, wisely mixed with the pastoral tradition.


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